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1. You have an official TOEFL score that is no more than 2 months old. 2. You have notified Strictly English in writing as to what TOEFL score you need and what deadline date you need it by. 3. Your total TOEFL score does not need to improve more than 16 points. Increases in excess of this maximum have a surcharge (see below). 4. No one section needs more than a 4-point increase. Increases in excess of this maximum have a surcharge (see below). 5. PRICING: Each section that you want to study (Reading, or Listening, or Speaking, or Writing) has a base price of $450. For each point increase, add $75. For increases of more than 4 points in any one section, add an additional 20%. 6. Strictly English does not issue refunds, but will continue tutoring until you get the agreed upon score you requested per section of the test, unless you fail to meet the requirements of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 7. Once you pass a section on the official TOEFL, tutoring for that section stops. 8. Strictly English's TOEFL Guarantee Program ends on the same date as your deadline, even if you have not achieved the score you want by that deadline date. 9. You take 3 classes a week. No class is less than 1 hour (unless it is a speaking lesson which can be 30 minutes in length) and no more than 1.5 hours. 10. You must continue to take tutoring classes up until 1 week before your final test. 11. Class times cannot be changed once scheduled. 12. Strictly English cannot be responsible for Skype, Internet, or Computer failures. 13. You must take a third-party practice test every 2 weeks (ETS, Testden, Scorenexus, etc) at your own additional expense. 14. Official Tests must be taken every 4 weeks. And all scores must be sent to Strictly English directly from ETS. 15. Strictly English is not responsible for errors or disruptions that originate from ETS or the test centers. 16. All homework assignments must be completed and on time. 17. You must post questions or comments to the Strictly English Forum 3 times a week. 18. You must write a 100-word summary of one Strictly English blog article a day. 19. You must also post a comment to that blog article. 20. You and your tutor will agree upon reasonable weekly goals. If those goals are not met (based on documentable evidence, such as recordings or written texts), you will be removed from the TOEFL Guarantee Program, but can pay the reinstatement fee of $90 in order to re-join the TOEFL Guarantee Program, within 3 days of being removed. 21. Failure to meet these TERMS AND CONDITIONS in whole or in part, will immediately terminate your TOEFL Guarantee program. Strictly English will be under no obligation to offer any more services or materials of any kind. No refund will be issued.