Success Stories

  • Our TOEFL Tutoring helped Jakob score a 104, with a 29 on the Speaking and a 27 on the Writing!

  • Ilona's studied with us for only 2 hours and her Writing improved from a 22 to a 28.

  • Strictly English's tutoring was able to boost Joao's Speaking & Writing from a 24 to a 27 in only 5 hours of study

  • Our TOEFL Tutors helped Tiago scored a 117. With just 18 hours of our TOEFL Preparation, he scored a perfect 30 on both his Speaking & Writing

  • Alex meet with our TOEFL Instructors only for 5 hours, and his score went from a 14 to a 24 on the Reading Section

  • We got Delwin a 29 on his Speaking & a 29 on his Writing with a 104 total in only 14 hours of tutoring (in one month).

  • Our TOEFL tutoring improved Muslim's TOEFL score by 10 points with only 24 hours of study, and now can attend a U.S. film school.

  • Marielena improved her TOEFL from an 89 to a 101 (Reading 28!) in only 10 hours of study with us.

  • Nayim scored a perfect 30 on his iBT Writing with Strictly English's TOEFL Strategies!

  • Our TOEFL Strategies got Joane a 108 (R27, L27, S26, W28) and she was able to apply to top MBA programs

  • Strictly English helped Nicola to improved his TOEFL score from a 98 to a 109 in only 15 hours of tutoring; and he scored a 27 on the Speaking!

  • With only 1 month of Strictly English TOEFL Tutoring, Asta went from an 95 to a 105 (Reading 29 & Writing 27)

  • Ashley went from an 81 to a 96 (getting a 28 on her Writing) in only 4 weeks of our TOEFL Preparation.

  • Marie-Adelaïde scored a 103 and got a 27 on her Speaking after only 8 weeks of studying in our TOEFL Preparation Program.

  • Nikolay improved 20 points (from a 76 to a 96) in only 5 weeks of TOEFL study with us!

  • Our TOEFL Tutoring was able to get Mariam a score of 113 as well as the 26 she needed for her Speaking section.

  • Alejandro worked with one of our Online TOELF Tutors and not only scored a 117 on his iBT, but he also got a perfect 30 on his writing.

  • Ricardo went from a 94 (Speaking 18) to a 103 (Speaking 23) in only 10 days by using Strictly English's TOEFL Strategies!

  • Lynn used our TOEFL Methods to improve her Reading from a 12 to a 20 (which was all she needed for the Nursing Board) in only 9 hours of instruction.

  • Our Online Tutoring helped Gerardo to increase his TOEFL score 15 points (from an 82 to a 97) in one month!

  • Alperen got the 90 he needed in only 10 days of TOEFL study at Strictly English.

  • Zhen improved her Writing score from a 20 to a 27 with only 12 hours of our TOEFL instruction.

  • Taihei studied TOEFL with us, and he was admitted to Carnegie Mellon's prestigious Graduate Program in Robotics.

  • Lea easily met the Nursing Board of Massachusetts TOEFL requirement with our tutoring to guide her.

  • Our TOEFL Program ensured that Joo Sung got the TOEFL score he needed for admission to St. Paul's School.

  • The TOEFL score that we helped Cigdem get allowed her to go to the Psychoanalytic program of her dreams!

  • Katherina's TOEFL writing dramatically improved because she did ALL the homework her TOEFL Tutor gave her.

  • Strictly English helped Ingrid get the 100+ score on her TOEFL iBT that she needed for dental school.

  • Joo Yeon says that our TOEFL Writing Strategies helped her write her college essays.

  • Jyotsna got a 27 on the TOEFL Speaking section with only 12 hours of online instruction with one of our TOEFL Tutors.

  • Bing got the TOEFL Help he needed for his Listening score; and it improved enough for him to enter Northeastern University.

  • Kevin and his brother both received our TOEFL Help and easily met their school's TOEFL requirements.

  • Vickie took our online TOEFL Tutoring, which not only got her the iBT score she wanted, but also significantly reduced her accent.

  • We improved Modesto's TOEFL score 20+ points in only 6 weeks, and he is now proud to be entering the school of his choice this fall.

  • Our TOEFL Tutoring took Yoshitake's TOEFL score from a 61 to a 93, and he is now in his preferred MBA program.

  • Ben got a 109 on his TOEFL by using our Strategies, and he is now in Babson College's Honors Program!

  • Our Tutors helped Guarav score a 104 on his TOEFL, which was more than enough for Boston University.

  • Strictly English worked with Arwa, and her TOEFL increased 33% in 4 weeks. She was admitted to Emma Willard High School.


Austria: 117 (R22, L26, S29, W27)

Nachdem ich angefangen hatte mit Strictly English zu arbeiten, wurde mir schnell klar, dass der TOEFL Test nach einem bestimmten Muster arbeitet. Selbst jemand der nicht begabt ist, kann sich mit Hilfe von einfachen Übungen bemerkenswert verbessern. Besonders beim schreiben hat mit Strictly English geholfen, indem sie mir einen einfachen Rahmen für Aufsätze bereitstellten, in den ich nur noch Wörter einfügen musste.

Die Arbeit mit Strictly English hat mir gezeigt dass der TOEFL Test mit einem durchschaubaren System arbeitet, das absolut jeder lernen kann.

Translation: After starting to work with Strictly English, I quickly realized that the TOEFL Test works with specific patterns. Even somebody who is not the most talented language learner can improve remarkably by doing simple exercises. Especially at writing, Strictly English helped me by providing a frame, in which I only needed to insert words.

Working with Strictly English has shown me that the TOEFL Test works with a transparent system that anyone can learn.

Portugal: 117 (R29, L28, S30, W30)

Eu estudei para o TOEFL com a Strictly English. Eles tem um conhecimento profundo do teste. A metodologia de ensino que eles seguem e personalizada e especifica para cada uma das partes do teste. A forma como eles estruturam o curriculum faz com que cada parte contribua também para as outras, criando sinergias que melhoram a aprendizagem e os resultados do teste. Os tutores são extremamente profissionais e flexíveis na marcação das aulas. Recomendo sinceramente a Strictly English a todas as pessoas que queiram melhorar o seu Inglês.

Translation: I studied for the TOEFL with Strictly English. They have a deep understanding of the test. Their methodology is personalized and specific for each of the test sections. The curriculum is structured in a way that makes each section contribute the the others, creating unexpected synergies that improve your learning and your test performance. The tutors are extremelly professional and flexible in scheduling the classes. I sincerely recommend Strictly english to all that want to develop their English skills.


France: 108 (R 27, L 27, S 26, W 28)

Avant de prendre des cours sur Skype avec Strictly English, j'avais adopté en vain plusieurs méthodes (cours collectifs dans des centres de préparation, travail individuel avec des livres d'apprentissage par soi-même, tests blancs, etc.). Mais rien n'y avait fait : j'ai passé 4 fois le TOEFL en un an en ne décollant pas de plus de deux points (103, 105, 105 et 104). Pour pouvoir postuler à Harvard, je devais impérativement approcher 109. Puis j'ai découvert Strictly English et j'ai atteint mon objectif en moins de trois semaines. Pour ce niveau de précision, seuls les cours collectifs sont efficaces.

Ce sont, de très loin, les cours les plus sérieux que j'ai trouvé en France et à l'international. C'est une grande économie de temps (et donc d'argent) que de travailler d'emblée avec Strictly English. J'aurais aimé travailler avec eux dès le début plutôt que de perdre du temps ailleurs. Ne commettez pas mon erreur : commencez par Strictly English!

Translation: Before taking lessons with Strictly English on Skype, I had tried several methods in vain - collective courses in prep centers, working on my own on teach-yourself textbooks, mock tests, etc. But nothing was any good: I took the TOEFL four times in one year without improving my score enough (103, 105, 105 and 104). In order to be able to apply to Harvard, I imperatively needed to score around 109. Then I got to know Stricty English and I achieved my goal in less than three weeks. For this level of accuracy, only one-to-one courses work.

These courses are, by far, the most professional that I have found in France and abroad. Working head on with Strictly English means saving a great deal of time - and therefore of money. I wish I had done this first hand instead of loosing valuable time elsewhere. Don't do the same thing: start with Strictly English!

Ukraine: 105 (R 29, L 26, S 23, W 27)

I got 105 on the test. It is great! Thank you for all your help! I will definitely recommend your service to other people. Your guidance and methodology was very helpful. Not to mention your support and encouragement! If I will decide to go for a higher score, I will come back for more lessons. :)

Russia: 96 (R 26, L 23, S 22, W 25)

Бостонский университет (BU), в который я планировал поступить, требует 86 (25, 22, 23, 22) очков на IBT тесте. До того как я записался на курсы Striclty English, я ниразу не сдавал TOEFL тест. В общем, курс обучения длился 2 месяца, с октября до начала декабря. В начале ноября я сдал мой первый TOEFL тест и получил 76 (18, 22, 18, 18) очков. Исходя из этого, мы решили, что мне требуется больше работать над "писанием" и "разговором"; в ноябре месяце мы сконцентрировались именно на них. В декабре я снова сдал IBT тест и получил 96 (26, 23, 22, 25) очков. Мой результат просто поразил меня. За один месяц репетиторства со Strictly English, я набрал на 20 очков больше. В ходе обучения, мы выявили мои слабые места и усердно работали над их устранением. И как оказалось, основная проблема была вовсе не в граматике или понимании языка, а в структуре в которой я выдавал свой ответ и анализировании текста. Это доказывает насколько Strictly English гибок и в то же время эффективен в своих методах обучения. Николай Эверстов, Республика Саха (Якутия), Россия.

Translation: Boston university, in which I planned to apply, requires IBT score of 86 (25, 22, 23, 22). Before I took lessons with Strictly English, I'd never taken TOEFL test. Altogether, the curriculum lasted for 2 months, since October until the beginning of December. At the beginning of November, I took my first TOEFL test and got 76 (18, 22, 18, 18) points. On this basis, me and my Strictly English tutor decided to concentrate on Writing and Speaking sections. In December, I took IBT test again and got 96 (26, 23, 22, 25) points. After one month of tutoring with Strictly English, I've raised my score for 20 points. During the curriculum, we revealed my weaknesses and were trying to eliminate them. As it turned out, the main problem was not in grammar or understanding the language, but in the structure in which I gave the answer and in analyzing the text. It proves to what extent Strictly English is flexible and at the same time effective in its methods of education. Nikolay Everstov, Republic Sakha (Yakutia), Russia.

Netherlands: 113 (29, 29, 26, 29)

Voor mij het spreken gedeelte van de TOEFL toets was het meest uitdagende gedeelte en dankzij Strictly English heb ik mijn beoogde score van 26 kunnen halen bij dit onderdeel van de toets. De leraren zijn heel professioneel en ervaren en de strategieen zijn ook geweldig. Ik ben heel blij met de begeleiding en de tutoring en waardeer vooral de oefening en feedback die ik tijdens de lessen gekregen heb. Ten slotte wil ik Strictly English van harte bedanken voor hun begeleiding en steun.

France: 103 (R 23, L 29, S 27, W 24)

Je n'avais pas beaucoup de temps à ma disposition du fait que je préparais plusieurs examens importants en même temps, en dehors du TOEFL. Strictly English, ma vraiment prise en charge, l'enseignement est très structuré les professeurs sont à l'écoute et près à aider. Les résultats sont là. Je garderais un bon souvenir de cette expérience.

Translation:I didn't have much time for the TOEFL because I was preparing several exams at the same time. Strictly English has really taken me in charge, the teaching is very structered and the professors are ready to help. The results are there. I"ll keep a good souvenir from this experience.

Brazil: 117 (R 29, L 29, S 29, W 30)

Antes de fazer o curso de Strictly English, já havia realizado duas vezes o Toelf. A primeira vez 93 e na segunda 94, bem abaixo dos 100 pontos que necessitava. Comecei meu curso com SE no dia 29 de setembro e no dia 9 de outubro tirei 103 de score. O diferencial do SE é que eles dominam a metodologia do exame e te dizem exatamente como deves responder cada uma das questões. Na hora da prova eu estava muito relaxado e confiante. O resultado foi que em 10 dias eu consegui o score que estava buscando fazia 3 meses. Não acredito que haja outra opção melhor que SE, nem em qualidade nem em preço. Você não vai se arrepender! RFMM, Porto Alegre - Brazil. Outubro 2010.

Translation: Before I took the SE course, I had taken the Toefl twice. The first time I got a 93 and the second a 94, far below the 100 points I needed. I started my course with SE on september 29th and on octuber 9th, I scored 103. The big difference between SE and another courses is that they master the format and metodologhy of the exam, and they tell you exactly what you have to answer in which question. In the exam I was very relax and confident. As a result, in ten days I got the score I want and that I was pursuing for three months. I really believe that SE is the better choice both in quality and price. Once you`ve tried, you will never regret it! RFMM, Porto Alegre - Brazil. October, 2010

Saudi Arabia: 66 (10, 16, 23, 17)

منالصعبإختصار في بضع سطورمافعلتههذهالشركهلمساعدة ابنتي تحقيق هدفها من رفع مستواها في اللغة الانكليزيه. فقد قاموا بوضع برنامج خاص لها وفروا مدرسات على مستوى عالي وتابعوا تطورها عن قرب. لقد كان ولله الحمد اختياري لهذه الشركة موفقا.

translation: It is hard to tell in few words what this company has done to help my daughter achieve her target of improving her English language. Strictly English has developed a special program for her, made available excellent tutors, and followed up here progress closely. Thank God, my selection of this company turned out to be exactly what we needed.


I am a Physical Therapist and needed a 26 on the speaking section of the iBT. I took the iBT 4 times and got a 24 each time. Then I signed up for Strictly English's which I took , and in one month, I got a 27!


ストリクトリー・イングリッシュのおかげで,TOEFLの点数をぐぐっとあげることができました!!! この学校では,TOEFL/CBTに比べて格段難しくなったTOEFL/iBTのリーディングも,より早く的確に読解する方法,及び効率のよい解答方法を懇切丁寧に指導してくれます。一般のアメリカ人の先生では手の届かない部分まで論理的に解説してくれます。文法の得意な日本人にとって,この解説はとてもわかりやすいです。また,スピーキングでの短時間での発言内容の整理の仕方,適切な解答方法,ライティングでの文章全体の構成・展開指導と一言一句訂正を加えながらの綿密な指導,加えてリスニングに効果抜群の先生の早口な英語での授業のおかげで,私のiBTの点数は40点(CBTに換算すると80点)上がりました!!



Translation: Strictly English really helped me raise my TOEFL score dramatically. Even though reading section for iBT becomes more difficult than CBT, Strictly English taught me how to answer the questions in a short period of time with a special method. Strictly English can explain answering the questions clearly and logically which other American teachers cannot. It is benefit for Japanese students because we are good at English grammar. Also, I learned how to prepare for the questions efficiently at speaking section in a limited of time. For writing section, Strictly English taught me how to write a great essay with editing every single word like articles, prepositions, transitions, subject verb agreements, and so on. Because every teacher spoke to me very fast, I was also able to improve my listening score. Finally, I could raise 40 points in TOEFL iBT. (80 points in TOEFL CBT)


当你还在为考托福(TOEFL)发愁时,当你有足够的单词量却不能在做听力时听到细节而踌躇时,请来Strictlyenglish家教(TUTORING)。Jon会用他科学而独特的教学方法帮你在最短的时间内提高托福(toefl)成绩。 多亏他的帮助使我的成绩在一个月之内从63分提高到了81分。Strictlyenglish家教辅导一定会让你取得一个理想的成绩。

Switzerland: 90 (R 28, L 30, S 24, W 27)

Ich glaube Strictly English ist eine der besten Institutionen überhaupt um sich auf den TOEFL vorzubereiten. Ich weiss, dass Strictly English hart daran gearbeitet hat um zu verstehen was zählt für den TOEFL test. Strictly English Lehrer haben mir Methoden beigebracht wie ich mein Testergebnis verbessern kann. Ich glaube der TOEFL Test funktioniert nach einem System, das man knacken kann wenn man erst einmal weiss wie man sein Englisch effektiv einsetzen kann. Strictly English hat sich, für mich, als sehr lohnenswerte Investition herausgestellt. Nach drei Wochen Nachhilfeunterricht konnte ich mein Testergebnis von 92 Punkten auf 109 Punkte verbessern.

Translation: I think Strictly English is one of the best TOEFL preparation institutions there is. I know Strictly English has worked hard to understand how the TOEFL test works. From Strictly English tutors I learned methods to successfully increase my score. I believe that the TOEFL test is a system that can be cracked once you know how to apply your English skills effectively. For me, Strictly English tutoring turned out to be a good investment. I increased my score a lot (92 - 109) with only three weeks of instruction!