Terms and Conditions

for Self-Study Membership


1. No Refunds. All sales are final.

2. Membership renews automatically every month unless the user cancels his/her subscription.

3. Strictly English does not guarantee that its online study matierals will ensure improvement.

4. Every UserID should be used by only one person. Sharing a userID is NOT allowed. 

5. All materials are for the exclusive private use of the one person associaled with that userID.

6. Copying or Distributing Strictly English's materials is forbidden.

7. All materials are the exclusive property of Strictly English unless otherwise acknowledged.

8. All rights reserved by Strictly English unless otherwise acknowledged.

9. Because essays are evaluated by a live grader, it may take up to 72 hours to receive evaluations.

10. Strictly English responds to complaints within 24 hours of receipt.

11. Strictly English will immeidately address any techincal issues originating on its end.

12. Strictly English is not responsible for user-end technical issues.

13. I agree to allow Strictly English to email me promotional emails.

14. Study Halls, Group Classes, & Tutoring are spearate from Online Materials & have additional fees.

15. All forum posts must be in English and use polite language that avoids any swearing or vulgarity.

16. All forum posts must be about TOEFL, and not contain personal conversations.

17. Impersonating another person on the forum is forbidden.

18. Strictly English can terminate service at any time for non-compliance to these Terms & Conditions.