Terms and Conditions

for Study Hall Writing Workshops


1. All sales are final. There are no refunds. Rescheduling is only possible if an administrative or technological error originates on Strictly English's side of the Skype connection.

2. Students must provide Strictly English with a valid Skype ID. There are no refunds and there is no possibility to reschedule if a student mistypes his/her Skype ID during the enrollment process.

3. If, for any reason, a student wants the teacher to contact him/her at a different Skype ID, then the student will have to enroll again for the class under that Skype ID. He/She will be charged for the 2nd enrollment, and will not be refunded for the 1st enrollment.

4. Students must provide Strictly English with a valid e-mail address. If Strictly English cannot contact a student by e-mail to notify him or her of any unexpected changes, then that student loses the possibility to reschedule.

5. Strictly English sends out a reminder 24 hours before class time and another one 1 hour before class time. If a student does not receive one of these reminders, he/she should contact Strictly English immediately to verify that the class is still being held. Failure to contact strictly English before class time (in the case that a reminder notification was not received) nullifies a student's ability to reschedule that class.

6. Students who are eligible to reschedule (see 1 above) must do so within one week of the canceled class or they lose their right to reschedule. 

7.  As with study halls at a conventional educational institution, Strictly English Study Halls are not intended to teach you new material. Instead they are designed to help you find your own mistakes. The goal is to improve your ability to edit your own writing.

8. Students who arrive late to study hall lose the amount of time that they were late. Strictly English cannot make up time for late student arrival.

9. Study Halls are 50 minutes long. They begin at their scheduled time and end 50 minutes later.

10. Strictly English recommends that if students are having trouble connecting to their tutor that they 1. sign out of Skype, 2. quit Skype, 3. reopen Skype, and 4. log back in.

11. Study halls are text-only classes. There will be no video sharing, screen sharing, or Skype calling.