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TOEFL Gives you:

  • 6 passgages
  • The 6 passages are in groups of 3
  • Each group has 1 conversation, 1 class discussion, 1 lecture
  • Each passage has about 5-7 questions
  • You have 20 minutes

Experimental Section:

  • Your Listening Section could have an "Experimental Group"
  • This means you will have 9 passages total to answer in 30 minutes
  • You will NOT know which group of passages is the experimental group

Conversations have:

  • One man and one woman
  • One student talking to a professor or an administrator
  • Conversations that either resolve a problem or clarify a situation

Class Discussions have:

  • One professor, one male student, & one female student
  • Academic content about a university topic
  • Students who ask questions and/or answer the professor's questions

Lectures have:

  • One professor who talks without interruption
  • Content that typically breaks down into subsections

Question Types:

  • Topic / Main Idea
  • Detail
  • Attitude / Purpose
  • Inference / Prediction
  • Categorizing
  • Summary Function