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Started by Jon Aug 05 2013, 21:52

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Aug 05 2013, 21:52
Remember that EVERY question on the entire TOEFL test can be a vocabulary question if you don't know a word in the question. So even a FACT question or an INFERENCE question can end up being a Vocabulary question if it has a word in it that is unfamiliar to you.

And since English has over 450,000 words, it's not really likely that you can just start learning words randomly. But we have a couple of ways to help you:
1. be sure to open and read our TOEFL WORD OF THE DAY email every day. And more importantly, be sure to look for the green button in the email that says: "Free Vocab Quiz"

2. Study our 15 vocabulary lists that are specific to common TOEFL topics. They can be found under FREE EXERCISES >> VOCABULARY

3. Study the Etymology of words. Did you know that ANTE means BEFORE. Once you know this, then you have a better understanding of what ANTEBELLUM or ANTECEDENT or ANTENATAL means. Learning just one prefix can give you 5-15 new words!
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Nov 11 2014, 15:03
I believe that I know many vocabulary words, however, there are passive vocabularies. I don't often use them during my conversations. I should work to improve this point. Thanks

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Mar 07 2015, 10:12
The best way, Samer to work on passive vocabulary and make it active is through CROSSWORD PUZZLES!