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Started by Jon Aug 05 2013, 21:35

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Aug 05 2013, 21:35
Many people wonder how they can speed up their time on the TOEFL reading section of the test.

All the other TOEFL companies and TOEFL books encourage test takers to avoid reading the whole passage. We agree. But these other TOEFL companies still want you to read something. Some say: "read the first and last paragraph". Others say, "read the first sentence of every paragraph". We say: NO! DON'T!

Why do we say "No. Don't"? Because those parts of the passage might still be full of tricks and traps.

The only thing you should read are 1.) the sentences that have vocabulary words in them, 2.) the sentences containing the referent for a Referent Question, 3.) the sentence that they want you to paraphrase, 4.) the sentences in front of the back squares in the paragraph used in the Insertion Question. Then use the information that you learn in those sentences to answer the remaining questions! Trust us: it works!

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Nov 11 2014, 15:12
Yes, it works. This strategy saved my time during the reading section. I was able to comprehend and answer the questions within the time. Moreover, I got 25. It works :)

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Feb 27 2015, 09:32
]This strategy is amazing. I followed it in my last exam for the first time. It saved my time. I had 10 minutes left to review my answers. As a result, I got 26. Thanks Jon for this magic solution.
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Apr 06 2015, 09:59
Fantastic News Mano!