About Strictly English

Established: February 2004

For more than seven and a half years, Strictly English has been developing its unique strategies and materials using a team of experts headed by a Ph.D. in English who also has over 17 years experience teaching TOEFL.

Our Mission

  • To provide the best TOEFL instruction by focusing exclusively on TOEFL tutoring.
  • To know more about the TOEFL test than any other test preparation providers.
  • To keep our prices lower than our competitors.
  • To make learning the TOEFL as easy and quick as possible.

Our Experience

Strictly English’s have been developed by a team of experts who have been working with TOEFL for over 15 years!
In general, our teachers and staff have years of experience working with non-native English speakers.
We personally train every teacher in the Strictly English methods to ensure that each student gets the same quality of education.

Our Tutors

Rigorous, professional, thorough, & friendly.

Strictly English’s goal is to provide you with university educators.
All tutors receive extensive training in the Strictly English’s unique .

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Our Materials

Many of our teaching materials are original materials designed exclusively for our use. They are carefully designed to ensure your quickest success on the TOEFL.