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TOEFL Tip #197: New Feature on Strictly English’s Relaunched Website: Forums

by Strictly English TOEFL Tutors on March 29, 2013

We’re anticipating the beta launch of our new website next week. When it launches, everyone who is currently on both our Word of the Day and blog mailing lists will have an opportunity to purchase a membership at 50% off. Be sure to act quickly – the discount will be available for approximately one week!

One of the new features on the site will be Forums. These will be for members, by members – a chance for you to share your experiences studying for and taking the TOEFL exam, and to learn from others. Do you have a particular study technique that works for you? Tell others about it on the Forum. Are you wondering what it’s like to take the TOEFL for the first time? Read others’ stories of taking their TOEFL exams. Although Strictly English will lightly monitor the Forums to make sure that there’s no inappropriate content (like advertisements!), this space will be for those who are studying for the TOEFL to come together in a supportive community.

All levels of membership will be able to read the Forums. Basic Membership lets you post comments as well, and Premium Membership lets you create new topics for discussion. Deluxe Membership offers a 25% discount on Premium Membership access.

Check out the Forums, and share your perspective!

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  1. Alex

    wrote on March 30, 2013 at 10:15 am

    Thanks, I will register your forum. I have plan to study TOEFL. I will use Superflashcard app and the guide and content on you forum. I believe I will have expected score

  2. Strictly English TOEFL Tutors

    wrote on April 8, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Thank you! Please let us know if you receive the score you’re expecting.

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