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TOEFL Tip #142: Using The Strictly English Blog For Self-Study

by Strictly English TOEFL Tutors on February 10, 2012

We cover a lot of different topics here on the Strictly English blog, from study and test-taking tips, to changes in the exams, to reports and testimonials from our students. With well over one hundred entries, that’s a lot of material to help with your self-study.

While you certainly can scroll through each of the entries to find the ones that you need, that would be an inefficient use of your time.

Instead, use the blog’s CATEGORIES and SEARCH BOX to hone (see tr.v., definition 2) your search.

For example, are you working on improving your TOEFL Speaking score? In the right column of the blog, you’ll see the list of Categories for all of our posts. Click on Speaking, and you’ll bring up all of our articles that mention the Speaking section. You can work through each section of the TOEFL this way, and also read about other topics related to the TOEFL Exam.

If you don’t see a category for the topic you want to read about, type it in the search box. Be sure to type in variation on your search term, to bring up all of the possible matches. Maybe you’d like to read about time management on the TOEFL. Typing “time management” in the search box has only one result. Entering “clock” brings 2 articles — the same result for the time management search, plus an additional entry. On the other hand, “running out of time” brings three articles that are entirely different from either of these other two examples.

If you’ve tried the categories and search box and you still can’t find what you’re looking for, leave us a comment. Perhaps we can do a future blog post about your topic!

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