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PTE Tip #3: PTE Academic Has Changed Its Score Reports

by Strictly English TOEFL Tutors on December 9, 2011

PTE Academic has updated its score reports in order to identify test takers more easily and to make the score reports easier to read. This new format will apply to all scores accessed on the score report website, no matter when someone took a particular PTE Academic exam.

PTE Academic notes the following changes in its score reports:
• Addition of test taker ID, country of residence and testing location
• Removal of test taker address
• New branding

An important element of the redesign is the new test taker ID. This new ID is a unique number associated with each test taker, and will appear on every set of PTE Academic score results. This will help ensure that the correct scores are reported for each test taker. If someone takes PTE Academic more than once, each set of scores will have a different registration number, to identify the particular day, time, and place of each exam.

Make sure you are familiar with the new score report. Even if you have copies of previous PTE Academic score reports, log in today and review the changes. That way, you won’t have any surprises if you need to discuss your PTE Academic score with an institution’s Admission office.

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