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TOEFL Tip #125: It Takes Two To Make A TOEFL Go Right

by Strictly English TOEFL Tutors on October 14, 2011

For several months, Strictly English has been hearing reports from our new clients who have taken the TOEFL 6 or more times that their scores are going down with each test, and they are feeling more nervous about the exam every time they take it. Some of these students are developing test-taking anxiety that they did not have when they took the TOEFL the first few times. Our work with them focuses not only on TOEFL strategies, but also on overcoming these new anxious responses.

 In Strictly English’s experience, students who book two tests really close together – within a day or two – often do much better than students who space their exams weeks or even months apart.

Perhaps this is because taking two tests in such a short time frame keeps students focused on taking the exam. At the first exam, students report being relaxed, because they know they have another exam very soon, in case the first one doesn’t go as well as they hope. Then, when they’re taking the second exam, they’re relaxed because they feel that they did okay on the first one. Because they take the second test before getting the scores for the first, the depression and nervousness that can follow from a low set of test scores doesn’t affect their performance on the second TOEFL. Perhaps this trick of taking two tests very close together can help avoid this dropping-score problem.

 Of course, this is an expensive gamble, but we’ve seen it work in the past. If you’re planning to take the TOEFL more than once, consider whether taking them within a few days of each other will boost your performance.

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