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TOEFL Tip #62: Using Your TOEFL Skills Beyond TOEFL

by Strictly English TOEFL Tutors on October 23, 2009

M. K. Thompson has a very compelling article titled The Many Shortcomings of Standardized Tests in the Korean Herald today.  In it, she argues that the information you learn when studying for any standardized test is only good for the test itself.  Most students do not apply the knowledge they learn for the test to other academic situations.  As a university tester for more than 15 years, I completely agree with Ms. Thompson.

This is why Strictly English has designed a TOEFL program that can be directly applied to university life.  Our methods and strategies will be helpful when writing university essays and when giving oral presentations in your university classes.

Case in point: during the Spring 2009 semester, Strictly English received a phone call from an ex-student who has already completed her TOEFL study and was now at college taking a history class.  She called requesting help with her midterm essay. Although Strictly English does not regularly offer academic tutoring, I did take the time to meet with this ex-student to show her how all of Strictly English’s strategies for the 30-Minute essay could be applied to her college midterm paper.

Not only did she get an A- on that paper, but that grade was significantly higher than the other essays she had written without the Strictly English method!

So remember: a good TOEFL tutor will give you skills that go far beyond the test!

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